Measuring the performance level of the educational supervisor from the point of view Teachers and teachers in primary schools


educational supervision is part of the educational and supervisory process، which is the process of describing and measuring the efficiency of ED The educational supervisor is among the educational tasks and objectives، so the performance measurement of the educational supervisor is among these decisions made in order to evaluate performance of the supervisory functions performed by the educational supervisor in primary schools، considering that the educational supervision is a pedagogical and humane process aimed at correcting Teacher، learner and director himself، in order to achieve the desired goals، performance measurement is an essential step in the control process and the gem the performance assessment process to compare actual performance with specific indicators in advance to determine the extent to which the supervisory objectives have been implemented، and the current study is aimed at Measuring the performance of the educational supervisor from the point of view of teachers in elementary schools، the researcher has built the performance measure of the educational supervisor who is in its final version of (50) Paragraph، having been extracted the sincerity and distinction of paragraphs، the sincerity and consistency of the scale were extracted using statistical means The occasion، having applied the scale to a sample of statistical analysis of the adult (400) milestone، also applied the Finder gauge on the sample final application an adult (200) teacher who was selected in the Random class method، and the study concluded that the performance measure of the educational supervisor has the characteristics Good secetric، and a high level of performance for the pedagogical supervisor in the search sample، having a gender impact in measuring the performance of the educational supervisor and in favour of the teachers ' sample، and having a trail of years of scientific experience in evaluating the functions of an educational supervisor، the study recommended the possibility of using the measure by the Ministry of Education and principals of elementary schools، the study suggested that a similar study be conducted for school principals، comparing their results with the results of the current study، and building a corrective educational program to inform teachers of the functions of the pedagogical supervisor in elementary schools.