The effect of the relief factor on the (main) transport network In Al Sulaymaniyah province


The natural factors have an impact on transportation network, especially the relief factor and the topographical nature of the region, which is reflected in the accessibility the various district centers in the Sulaymaniyah province , as well as the detour of roads due to that relief nature. The study of this features is of great importance in planning studies to construct roads and solve city problems, And its development. The research used satellite images and geographic information systems programs in measuring the lengths of roads in the province and topographic mapping to show the impact of relief on the turn of the roads as well as applying accessibility index. The research found that the Sulaymaniyah center is the most accessible according to the minimum distance standard and is the closest nodes for other nodes according to the standard number of connections of the nodes Also, the main methods of province falls into the first and fourth classes when applying the index of curve or curve coefficient.