The Role of Electronic Management in Achieving Strategic Success: a Field Study at the Directorate of Education in Baghdad


The current study examines the impact of electronic management and its requirements (support for senior management, technical resources and human resources) in the strategic success, and the study problem was represented by a number of questions, answered to know the extent of the interest of senior management in supporting electronic management applications and thus achieving the strategic success of the research sample (Directorate Education), and then determining the impact between these variables, and that the importance of the study stems from the importance of the role played by electronic management in capacity development and development and improving the services provided that lead the organization to achieve the success in a more general achievement have high enough, has been used as a tool questionnaire for data collection form was designed based on the theoretical side and distributed to a total sample strength of 40 respondents represented Managers and staff of the Directorate of Education, and the results matching the study hypotheses. The study reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which was the presence of a statistically significant effect of electronic management in strategic success, then a set of recommendations came, the most important of which was the need to implement electronic management by the research department because of its importance in solving many problems, including the negatives of paper handling.