The interest rate and the periodicity of crises in the capitalist economy "A study of the effects and ways of treatments"


The crisis from the economic perspective is the contradiction between people’s needs and the resources available to them, i.e., the scarcity of resources versus the needs of unlimited people. However, this capitalist definition of the economic crisis is an ideological proposition, as the economic systems do not agree in their definition of an economic crisis as a contradiction between (demand) and natural resources (supply).It is known that the practical reality of the capitalist and socialist world economy did not achieve optimal distribution or effective allocation, as the collapse of the Soviet socialist system is one of the greatest evidence of the failure of the system as a system, as is the case with the contemporary capitalist system characterized by periodic crises, which calls for the need to reformulate the theory By correcting the concept of economic crisis or at least making us question one of the pillars of the capitalist system, which is the interest rate.