School administrations and their role in developing the teaching profession among physical education teachers


The research dealt with a topic of a high degree of interest, and its importance in the outputs of the research results that cast shadows on improving the teaching and educational process, as well as meeting an aspect of the professional development of physical education teachers working in schools, as there is a role for the school administration in achieving the objectives of the teaching and educational institution . The research significance appeared in the extent of cooperation and interdependence between the physical education teacher and the school administration to which the teacher belongs, and also learned about the role of departments and the difference between this administration in dealing with the positions of teachers and the extent of interest required of them to develop the reality of this profession among teachers and benefit from the descriptive curriculum being very appropriate to the nature of work .After treating the results statistically, it was concluded that there are many teachers who think that planning is within the authority of the ministry only a well as the diversity of specializations that affected the physical education lesson, and it was also noticed that there is no encouragement to exchange experiences.