Parallel Heat-Exchangers Network Optimization Using Sliding Mode Extremum Seeking with integral Anti Wind Up Scheme


In this paper, we study the Sliding Mode Extremum Seeking (SMES)optimization method for a Heat Exchangers Network. The studied network is constructedfrom plate Heat Exchangers, in which several thermal sources are used to heat a commoncold stream that is distributed between the several branches of the network. Theconsidered optimization problem is the optimization of the thermal power gained fromdifferent hot sources. The control variables are the split ratios of the cold stream to thedifferent heat exchangers. The dynamical model for general Heat Exchanger Networkwith (n) Heat Exchangers was driven and the special case of two Heat Exchangers inparallel was considered as a case study. The SMES algorithm was modified with anintegral anti-windup scheme to constrain the search within the admissible region. Thesimulation results obtained by using Matlab program confirmed the effectiveness of theapproach.