Study the physicochemical and microbiological Properties of processed cream fortified with date palm syrup (Dibs)


The present study was carried out to developing a dairy product (processed cream) with health benefits produced by the addition of date palm syrup (Dibs) in concentration of 0,1,2,4 and 6% as C,T1,T2,T3,T4 treatments respectively. Physicochemical, sensory evaluation and microbiological properties were analyzes after manufacturing and during storage at (5±1ºC) for 14 day. Results could be concluded that cream treatment T3 with 4% Dibs attained the highest values in sensory evaluation, followed in importance by T2,The results showed that treatments cream was quit low in development values of each POV and ADV of fat during storage at ( 5±1ºC) compered with control cream, which have retained their validity according to the scale of accepted level of POV and ADV values even after 14 days of storage,. The microbiological quality of the date cream was also acceptable and within the Iraqi standard quality, due to the increased the acidity content, or may be due to the antimicrobial effect of dates fruit. The findings of this study may give an overall idea about possibility of manufacturing cream supplementing with different level of date syrup with good quality.