The role of the University of Anbar in the development of society and contemporary challenges (1987-2018)


Anbar University was founded in late December 1987, as part of the general trend towards expanding the circle of higher education and scientific research in Iraq, as well as the need of Anbar province for a university that achieves the country's vision in development and development. In establishing a distinct scientific, cultural and development vision, as well as the values influenced by the local community, as well as contributed to the success of the process of reaching the province to advanced administrative and cultural ranks, through its years of consultations and experiences, whether for its cadres independently, or in cooperation with other cadres and institutions The other province, from the public, private and mixed sectors, did not dissuade the university from exercising its role despite the events witnessed during its young age, represented by the economic victory in 1990, and then the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, through the control of armed groups during the Years (2006-2007) and (2014), this is what the research is trying to highlight with a systematic academic documentary study