Metabolomic profiling of Iraqi propolis Samples Collected from Al-Diwanyiah city


Propolis is a complex compound and important natural bee product that belongs to the greatfamily of bee products with variations in color, chemical composition as well as invaluablebiological and pharmacological effectiveness. To date, no data about the Iraqi specified chemicalconstituents of Al-Diwanyiah propolis have been reported. The present data were investigated thephytochemical components of the ethanolic extract of collected propolis samples from varioushoney bee colonies via distinguished fraction employing GC-MS technique. The chemicalcompounds were determined and identified by comparison with the mass spectra library of the GCMass data system and with literature mass spectra. The results exhibited the total extract yieldsranged from 38.6-54.4 % with a mean percentage equal to 45.7%. Fifty-one different phytochemicalmetabolomic compounds were tentatively identified in local propolis samples belonging to atleast twelve phytochemical categories. The major phytochemical categories were flavonoids,alcoholic compounds, fatty acids, and their esters, terpenes, aromatic acids, aldehyde compounds,aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other categories were esters, sugar andmetabolic derivatives, dicarboxylic acid. The predominant flavonoids identified in propolis undertest were Pinocembrin and tectochrysin. The present study showed local propolis is a rich sourceof natural bee active substances for identified profiling metabolomic markers biological andfinalized therapeutic remedied applications in different pharmaceutics, as well as GC-Mass, is agood technique to provide an overall view of propolis composition.