Some of difficulty of Arabic morphology


The Arab morphology arose, in the shadow of the Arab grammar, until it became independent separately from it at the hands of the Mazeni T 249 AH. And because the morphology is dealing with the structure of words, their origins, and their branches, this matter is empty of opinion, its attraction:1- Individuals on the one hand, 2-and traditional linguistic schools of thought on the second hand. 3- Modern linguistics, from a third partyVarious versions have been made of different versions of this type of sentence. In preparation for developing solutions to it; Breathing this important lessonThis claim of difficulty is not an incident today, nor is it the one who twirled the new generation with what they inherited from the ancestors, but rather it is an old claim, which we felt resonated with our early scholars, including Ibn Jinni d. 392 AH, down to the modern linguists. This fact is latent among our early scholars, for this is Ibn Jinni who says (it was necessary for whoever wanted to know grammar to begin with knowledge of the conjugation, but this kind of knowledge, when it was difficult and difficult, began before him with knowledge of grammar, then it was brought after so that the satisfaction in grammar would be the footing for entering into it. and appointed to know its purposes and meanings and to conduct the situation). This is an explicit statement from a Nahreer scholar of Arabic, whose name and writings filled the horizons, and he describes Arabic exchange as (the difficult difficult). Talking about the difficulty of morphology is often accompanied by talking about the difficulty of grammar (and grammar and morphology are from the language sciences, whose owners claim that they have matured until they were burnt, and in fact, they are neither mature nor burned, but they are still asking for more research and study, to renew their youth and correct their concepts, and what more is found. One in their old systems of difference and contradiction) That is why I explored the sources and research that I had about this aspect, and I stood on the difficulties that befell the ancients and moderns in Arabic exchange, which are not few, and I touched on some of the mentioned solutions, and the problem seems really realistic, and we need to study this subject seriously so that we may come up with suitable solutions. For these difficulties, we return to this type of linguistic linguistic lesson its importance, and bring it closer to the souls of the students, and this is not promoted by an individual effort. she has. So, I liked to shed light on this aspect, with what I was able to do with the lack of time, and I presented this juice, which I hope will be satisfied and accepted, in what I wrote. And God I pray for acceptance of this humble work.