Role of Organic and BioFertilizers on Yield and Quality of Sunflower Helianthus annuus L.


A field experiment was conducted in the experimental field of collage of Agricultural Engineering Sciences / University of Baghdad / Jadrya during the spring Season 2019 , to investigate the role of organic and Bio fertilizers on , yield and quality of sunflower crop , Aqmar variety .Using randomized replicates within a factorial experiment order was used . The Experiment included two factors , the first was represented spraing of organic matter ( Bilirubin ) by three concentration 1 , 2 and 3 ml L-1 in addition to the treatment of control ( without spraying ) , the second was represented foliar spray of the dry yeast at the three concentrations 1 , 2 and 3 gm L-1 in addition to the treatment of control (without spraying ) . All treatment were conducted in two stages , first at the stage of four leaves ( for 75% of the total plants ) , the second at the beginning of the emergence of flowering buds floral . The results Showed: Sprayin Bilirubin affected significantly on all yield and quality studied traits.. The plants which sprayed with 3 ml L-1 from bilirubin were recorded the highest of head diameter , percentage of fertility , number of seeds in head , weight of 1000 seed , and total yield seed an increasing 12.17% , 1.8% , 18.58% , 12.01% ,and 32.33% comparison and without significant differences with 2 ml L-1 concentrations .While the plants were spryed with 2 ml L-1 concentration from bilirubin was Superior in oil percentage in seed.The traits of yield and quality studied significantly increased with increase of yeast concentration , the highest of average at 3gm L-1 without signifeant difference with concentration 2 gm L-1 on the most of traits except weight of 1000 seed, 2 gm L-1 was superior average for total seed yield ,and oil percentage at spranig with 3 gm L-1 from yeast was 8.751 M gm ha-1 , and 44.88% respectiveiy comparsion with control treatment which recorded the lowest average for this traits 6.122 M gm ha-1 , 42.04% and 2.581 Mg ha-1 respectively . The interaction between the two factors was significantly in most studied yield traits except percentage fertility, number of seed in head.Corresponding author: E-mail( All rights reserved Al- Muthanna UniversityThe research is a part of thesis Ms. D of the first researcher.