Geographic Position of Iraq and its Political Boundaries


Iraq has a geographic position which is characterized by diverse regional features that made it enjoy a remarkable importance over consecutive eras; it is considered the beating heart of its people for its variety of natural aspects, being extended between two different circles of latitude of the north and south and longitudes between east and west for about 925 km length and 950 km width, not to mention the impact of its position in making it connected to two civilizations of western Europe and the Mediterranean from the west and the civilization of south east Asia from the east in addition to its being amid five seas: Caspian sea, the Black sea, the Mediterranean, the Red sea, the Arab Gulf. On the other hand, Iraq lies at the transportation routes connecting the old world continents (Asia, Europe and Africa), the thing that made it of important military and international status among other countries of the world, let alone its wealth of metals and agricultural resources and its place on the east of the Arab country, that gave it a geopolitical signification over a complete historical cycle which drew the outlines of its dynamically developing regional character.