Labor productivity and factors affecting it :Applied study of one of the industrial companies in Iraq


Work productivity is the standard that measures the efficiency of work done by workers in the production process and an indicator of the level of economic progress in the country in general and the level of well-being in society. This study aims to analyze the factors affecting labor productivity and identify the most important variables that affect increasing their productivity in order to guide the development policy The industrial approach towards economic correction of the industrial production sectors, and the research department has two topics: the first deals with the theoretical side - the importance of labor productivity and its methods of measurement and the most important factors affecting it, while the second addresses the practical side - measuring the impact of some of the factors A revolution in labor productivity in an industrial company in Iraq using the multiple regression equation, where we reached the following results: The explanatory power of the model reached (79%), which is a high percentage, which shows the positive relationship between independent variables (associate wage rate) and (management efficiency) and the dependent variable (Work productivity) It has a positive impact on improving work productivity, which confirms the adoption of the incentive system by developing the capabilities of workers. As for the independent variable (capitalization intensity), it has a negative effect of (-1.721) due to the obsolete technology used in the production process.