Human vs. Vampire : The Role of Bella Swan in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga


Vampires have always walked among and alongside the humans. Their uncanniness and their negative stereotypes placed them in the dark corner of history until Bella Swan in Twilight Sag Falls in love with the Vampire Edward Cullen and changes things upside down .The aim of the study is to critically expound how the world of Vampires affects the role of Bella Swan in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga : Twilight (2005) , New Moon (2006) , Eclipse (2007) , and Breaking Dawn (2008) .The study starts with introduction which sheds light on Stephenie Meyer's life to capture the elements and factors that shaped her personality and culminated in the publication of the Twilight Series . Then, it catches an eye on Vampire as a literary genre . Also, it expounds the stereotypical negative gender of "damsel in distress " and its impact on the role of Bella Swan in the novel .Moreover, the study focuses on Bella Swan : a human female heroine and her transformation into Vampire . Finally, the study exhibits the consequences of Bella's dreaming of becoming undead through out the four books until her find transformation from human into vampire. The study ends with works cited and abstract in Arabic.