The role of (SASB) sustainability reports in raising the efficiency of sustainable performance Applied in the Midland refineries company


The problem of the research is that the current financial statements are unable to report certain key performance indicators that cannot be measured in monetary terms and therefore do not appear in the financial statements such as the amount of emissions polluting the environment, where companies cannot be evaluated on the basis of financial statements only and neglect the dimensions of sustainability. The aim of the research was to study and analyse Sustainability Accounting and its criteria, to compare the most common criteria and which ones are better (from the researcher's point of view), to prepare a sustainability report for the Iraqi middle refineries company and to analyse the results. The researcher concluded that the application of Sustainability Accounting Standards (SASB) contributes to raising the efficiency of performance measurement in the company by comparing the performance indicators shown in these reports with another year of the same company to see how much increase or decrease in these indicators or compare them with other companies (Benchmark). The researcher also recommended that the sustainability reports in the Iraqi environment should be adopted and prepared according to SASB standards due to the expected advantages of them.