Human resource management practices and their role in strategic renewal/Analytical study of the opinions of managers of a sample of private hospitals in Erbil


This current research in the current relations and the impact of public relations in the educational and future institution represented in its dimensions (selection and appointment, training, performance evaluation, maintenance of human resources) in its dimensions, strategic innovation represented in (content, stage, beginning), The research phase was determined by asking in general questions centered on the philosophical concepts of the research variables, the concept of the relationship and the effect between the variables. A diagram was designed expressing the main hypotheses, the questionnaire form was used as a means to obtain data that was distributed to managers and officials of departments and units in the searched private hospitals, its consistency (94). And valid consultations and the questionnaire for analysis (94) forms. In order to validate the hypotheses with multiple vegetables while using the statistical program (SPSS. V.25). the research followed a descriptive analytical approach. The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which were the results of the correlation analysis revealed the existence of positive and high-level moral relationships between human resource management practices, strategic renewal at the macro and micro level, and this confirms that the researched hospitals benefit from identifying human resource management practices and their contribution to strategic renewal. In addition, there is a positive impact and moral levels of the variable of human resource management practices in the variable of strategic renewal. The research suggests the necessity of investing in the strong relationship between human resource management practices and strategic renewal and directing this relationship towards investment decisions in the hospital and reaching the competitive position.