Measuring the Impact of Bank Credit on the Total Agricultural Production Granted by the Agricultural Cooperative Bank in Iraq for the Period 1990-2019


The research aims to shed light on bank credit and measure its role in the gross domestic product, and the importance of the study stems from what banks provide in terms of credit, whether in the form of loans or credit facilities to encourage and develop the agricultural sector through what those loans provide from the purchase of machinery, machinery, improved seeds and the establishment of infrastructure from For the development of the agricultural sector in Iraq. The standard analysis method was used for the study variables using the (ARDL) model, as it found that there is a positive and significant relationship in the short term between bank credit and gross domestic product, and a non-significant relationship in the long term between the two variables. The standard model is free from the problem of self-correlation according to the (LM) test, and the estimated model is devoid of the problem of heterogeneity according to the (ARCH) test. The results also showed that the loans granted to the agricultural sector by banks are characterized by their smallness and their inability to advance the reality of the agricultural sector. The percentage of the agricultural sector’s contribution to the formation of the gross domestic product should be increased loans and government support.