The role of quality management and its impact on institutional performance: a field study at the University of Anbar


Quality and institutional performance issues have become a desirable scientific field for research, investigation and discussion, as they are academic competitive terms through which the methodology and mechanisms of discrimination are included in the global sites of universities, as a result of the interaction between decision makers in universities and beneficiaries in formulating policies and developing their programs. This field has become at the forefront of the interests of educational and academic institutions interested in adopting prestigious sites or improving their performance through the adoption of high-quality programs and entry in the field of excellence. In general, the research attempts to answer the following question: Does quality management have a direct role in institutional performance? The study reached a set of conclusions, among which it appears to have a moral impact of quality management on the institutional performance in the universities that were searched for, and the study ended with a set of those and suggestions that clarify the relationships between the study variables and their dimensions and the ways and means of universities in detail that could be in the university field , The research indicates positive trends and the pursuit of reducing negative trends, as well as proposing a number of future studies and research that constitute the study variables.