The role of talent management in building core Competencies Analytical study of the opinions of faculty councils’ members at Salahaddin University/Erbil


The research aims to study the role of talent management in building core competencies, the researcher presented the literature related to these topics. The research problem was represented in presenting a number of questions that dealt with the correlation and influence relationships of the independent variable in the dependent variable. A hypothetical outline was designed for the research, from which the main and subsidiary hypotheses emerged, and in order to ensure the validity and stability of the hypotheses, a set of statistical tests were conducted, and the research followed the descriptive and analytical approach, The research sample was represented by a number of faculty council members in Salah al-Din University - Erbil, as (131) questionnaires were distributed to them and (124) forms were obtained, all of which were valid for analysis. The (SPSS) program was used to choose the hypothesized relationships in the research model. The research reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is the existence of positive and high-level moral linkages between talent management and building essential competencies at the macro and micro levels. This confirms that the researched colleges benefit from talent management and its contribution to building core competencies. As for the proposals reached by the research, the researcher suggested that colleges should establish programs to attract talent in an efficient and accurate manner, in order to enable them to build core competencies. In addition to the researched colleges training faculty members to develop their own skills.