Media discourse in light of the challenge of globalization Alatsalahjdlah the relationship between content and technology and the impact


In the era of the information revolution and the breakthrough satellite networks and satellites to the borders of nations and the spread of recording and display movies and various other media transfer tools is no longer the media in our time just a tool for the transfer of science and knowledge to others and to provide news, educational and entertainment service as planned if doing but became comprehensive and important in the era of communication technology and information explosion as a phenomenon of the new age in which we live in a era invasion of contemporary technology through rhetoric rising power and influence of trends, values ​​and cultures of nations, including in respect of ideologies are incompatible with the values ​​and national ideas or nationality of the peoples of these nations or with the considerations and behavioral implications of socio cultural has widened Perhaps the seriousness of the role of the media lies not only in being edged double effect edged if that could be used for purposes of demolition same capacity and efficiency, which is used in the construction purposes, but the difficulty of the possibility of early distinction between passive in it and the positive of his letters and its contents and speeches as well as that its means and methods of the kind that can not resist it and preventing it from reaching its objectives only through effective means of resistance and through the media counter effectively, not by trying to prevent it by conventional means, which proved to modern the technological means difficulty and the impossibility of achieving this, in particular with regard to the direct broadcast satellite or iT and other online It means of communication modern cutting edge.