Chaos Phenomenon in Power Systems: A Review


This review article puts forward the phenomena of chaotic oscillation in electrical power systems. The aim is to present some short summaries written by distinguished researchers in the field of chaotic oscillation in power systems. The reviewed papers are classified according to the phenomena that cause the chaotic oscillations in electrical power systems. Modern electrical power systems are evolving day by day from small networks toward large-scale grids. Electrical power systems are constituted of multiple inter-linked together elements, such as synchronous generators, transformers, transmission lines, linear and nonlinear loads, and many other devices. Most of these components are inherently nonlinear in nature rendering the whole electrical power system as a complex nonlinear network. Nonlinear systems can evolve very complex dynamics such as static and dynamic bifurcations and may also behave chaotically. Chaos in electrical power systems is very unwanted as it can drive system bus voltage to instability and can lead to voltage collapse and ultimately cause a general blackout.