Role of international organizations in the development of legal norms against terrorism (A Comparative Study)


Terrorism is considered one of the most important dangerous phenomena on all international, regional and local arenas, which makes it a great danger to the lives of citizens, as well as determining the fate of many political regimes in various parts of the world. On determining it, which made it an international crime whose perpetrator deserves criminal prosecution and punishment, in addition to determining the criminal and civil liability against him, and with a comprehensive look at what is going on in the arena, we find many difficulties and obstacles facing the necessary measures to combat it, as terrorist operations and crimes have become one of the organized crimes, which are linked Other organized crimes such as murders, bombings, killing of civilians, money laundering, and smuggling of weapons and drugs, which helped to spread and increase their danger, and therefore the control must include studying action and reaction and confronting development with development and the use of modern technology.International organizations were interested in researching the phenomenon of terrorism and how to eliminate it, when hijackings began to increase at the beginning of the seventies, the detention of diplomatic envoys and the bombing of the headquarters of diplomatic missions, and they took into account that this phenomenon is considered one of the main reasons that undermine the security and stability of the international community. By trying to establish an appropriate definition of terrorism, the reasons that lead to it and how to treat it, the organization has also taken care of forming the necessary committees to prepare international agreements that organize a framework of international cooperation to prevent and suppress some forms of terrorism.The international community needs a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism that guarantees its elimination. Therefore, the need and constant calls have been to conclude a comprehensive convention to criminalize terrorism in all its forms and forms, and to work to dry up its sources, in addition to addressing the modern causes of terrorism, under the umbrella of the United Nations, provided that all governments adhere to its provisions on condition Terrorists do not obtain any kind of protection, the first of which is the right to political asylum, bearing in mind that cooperation and coordination will not be focused on governments only, but between peoples and governments because the United Nations is still and will continue to perform its function in which it is able to deal with this dangerous phenomenon and make efforts. Mighty.