Improvement of the Mechanical Characteristics of Fiber Metal Laminate (FMLs) Used for Aircraft Wing Using Epoxy-Resole


The Fiber Metal Laminates (FMLs) was studied and improved the mechanical properties were used for aircraft wing. The FMLs are consisting of metal sheets reinforced with fiber bonded by matrix phase. The FMLs consist of seven layers to produce the Hybrid composite materials that made from 2024-T3 Aluminuim sheets with carbon and glass fibers as reinforcement and bonded using adhesion materials that are locally manufactured from resole resin with adding using epoxy resin. By using the FMLs, the mechanical characteristics have been improved and the weight of the aircraft wing has been reduced. The mechanical characteristics have been improved comparing to other FMLs using commercial epoxy. The FMLs with carbon and glass fibers have high tensile strength and elastic modulus but low yield and elongation comparing with the FMLs of carbon fibers as a reinforcement. The flexural modulus and impact toughness is high for the FMLs with glass fiber comparing with jute fibers with adding using carbon fiber as areinforcement.The Aramid Reinforced Aluminum Laminates (ARALLs) have low fatigue strength than FMLs using carbon fiber as reinforcement. The FMLs are lower ratio of ultimate to yield strength and density than 2024-T3 Aluminum alloy that commonly used in aircraft wing.