Assessment of Hope in Patient With Cancer in Mosul City


The importance of hope frequently has been described in relation to patient with cancer and in patient with newly diagnosed cancer. This study aimed to assess hope in patients with cancer and to examine the magnitude relationship between hope level and patient's demographic characteristics. The study sample (n=400) was drawn randomly by convenience from in patient with cancer at Al-Mosul nuclear hospital. The hearth hope scale was used in the present study . A pilot study was conducted to determine the reliability of the study instruments. Reliability of the scales were determined through the use of internal consistency and calculation Cronbach Alpha correlation coefficient when data were gathered from (10) patients. Validity of the scales was determined through a panel of the (8) experts. Results of the present study indicates that the level of hope is high among cancer patients. age and sex factors did not had any significant difference on hope level. The researcher recommended that the patients with cancer should be educated regarding cancer to provide them with information to enhance or maintain their needs and plan of care must design to provide information that help them to have a hope in life .