Administrative And Political Developments In California And Ronald Stance Regarding Them 1975-1976


The research deals with the importance of this stage afer Ronald Reagan went a long way in political transformations at a time when the United States was experiencing external pressures represented by the spread of communism that threatened American society. There was no force to stand against the communist tide that swept the country. Since the republican party was weak in the face of communism in the country, so he turned away from the Democratic Party and adopted the conservative principles on which the Republican Party is based. He turned to the Republican Party. The official spokesperson for Republican candidates such as Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater, where the Republican Party adopted Ronald Reagan, took conservative leaders as his support and nomination as a representative of The Republican Party in the 1980 elections, and by providing it with money and attracting voters in favor of their candidate. Ronald Reagan was able to win the 1966 elections against the Democratic candidate in California.المقدمة: