Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on Fluorescence Intensity of Fluoreseina Dye Mixed in One Solution


Metal enhanced fluorescence (MEF) is an unequaled phenomenon of metal nanoparticle surface plasmons, when light interacts with the metal nanostructures (silver nanoparticles) which result electromagnetic fields to promote the sensitivity of fluorescence. This work endeavor to study the influence of silver nanoparticles on fluorescence intensity of Fluoreseina dye by employment mixture solution with different mixing ratio. Silver nanoparticles had been manufactured by the chemical reduction method so that Ag NP layer coating had been done by hot rotation liquid method. The optical properties of the prepared samples (mixture solution of Fluoreseina dye solutions and colloidal solution with 5 minutes prepared of AgNPs) tested by using UV-VIS absorption and Fluorescence spectrophotometer. by using AFM, SEM testes, the structure of silver nanoparticles had been estimated. the result of this work showed that adding Ag NPs colloidal to Fluoreseina dye solution help get a significant increase in the fluorescence intensity of this dye. this study results show that its significant to recent related studies in MEF.