Study the effect of Indian premium (Saussurea costus) extract and sesame oil on the sensitivity of local Acinetobacter baumannii isolates causing infection


The current investigation was intended to assess the viability of sesame oil got from Heet city and Indian premium (saussurea costus) affectability testing against Acinetobacter baumanii isolates detached from disease destination like urine, sputum, C.S.F, wound swab, and burn swab. The results indicated that sesame oil activated the gentamycin antibiotic activity from 3.08 mm to 14.7500 mm and also the Indian premium made the same thing the activation was from 5.4167 mm to 9.3333 mm. while the addition of sesame oil to Imipenem anti biotic there was inhibition in the activity of Imipenem from 21.33 mm to 20.083mm and when we added the Indian premium there was activation to the Imipenem antibiotic was from 22.1667 mm to 23.4167mm. Finally the results of cefotaxime after adding the sesame oil we noticed that there is decrease in the activity of cefotaxime from 3.500 mm to 1.000 mm and we also noticed that the addition of Indian premium to the antibiotic there was decrease in the activity from 3.9167 mm to 3.333 mm.Therefore ower explanation that there is activation to some antibiotics there is also inhibition to the other by adding different plant extract.