The Pragmatic Mistake: A View in the Concept and Reasons of Formation


This research studies the pragmatic mistakes by examining the structurally straight grammatical composition which were considered by the grammarians as an un useful lingual. The research followed an analytical descriptive approach in dealing with these grammatical compositions, in addition to a comparison held between the Arabic morphological theories to the contemporary Linguistic discourse. The research aims at crystallizing the concept of pragmatic mistake in order to reveal its roots in the inherited morphological theory and how such a mistake has been formed. The research is constituted of an introduction, then a pavement to the modern Arabic studies that describes the pragmatic mistake from a modern point of view. Then, the first part of the research studies the lingual treatment of the linguistic mistake according to the different linguistic trends. The second part lays importance to the pragmatic mistaken structures caused by the defective functionality of the communicative reference of the language. As for the third part, it is concerned with the study of deficiency in the speech coherence and its influence in the formation of the pragmatic mistake.