Intellectual extremism and its impact on the identity of university youth.. Sociological vision


Extremism has been a scourge in various countries throughout history. It shrinks and increases in response to the societal climate. This dark disease arises from a lack of sound educational applications, causing erosion, dissolution, weakening, and instability in society. Today, Islamic thought is at a crossroads that necessitates a methodical response to the scourge of intellectual extremism, particularly in our discourse with some youth who represented the hope and prosperity of future . The current research focuses on identifying what is intellectual extremism, as well as identifying the factors and causes of intellectual extremism, identifying the manifestations of intellectual extremism, identifying the effects of intellectual extremism on youth, and ways to prevent it. From the perspective of intellectual extremism, the significance of this research stems from the fact that it is a study of intellectual extremism as a prevalent phenomenon.The result of the research indicated that religious causes are the first and the most important reasons for extremism While the second is the social reasons and the third arrangement is the political reasons and the economic reasons came in the fourth then the cultural reasons represented the fifth