Image restoration using regularized inverse filtering and adaptive threshold wavelet denoising


Although the Wiener filtering is the optimal tradeoff of inverse filtering and noise smoothing, in the case when the blurring filter is singular, the Wiener filtering actually amplify the noise. This suggests that a denoising step is needed to remove the amplified noise .Wavelet-based denoising scheme provides a natural technique for this purpose .
In this paper a new image restoration scheme is proposed, the scheme contains two separate steps : Fourier-domain inverse filtering and wavelet-domain image denoising. The first stage is Wiener filtering of the input image , the filtered image is inputted to adaptive threshold wavelet denoising stage . The choice of the threshold estimation is carried out by analyzing the statistical parameters of the wavelet sub band coefficients like standard deviation, arithmetic mean and geometrical mean . The noisy image is first decomposed into many levels to obtain different frequency bands. Then soft thresholding method is used to remove the noisy coefficients, by fixing the optimum thresholding value by this method .Experimental results on test image by using this method show that this method yields significantly superior image quality and better Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR). Here, to prove the efficiency of this method in image restoration , we have compared this with various restoration methods like Wiener filter alone and inverse filter.