The microbiological causes of urinary tract infection among women attending medical institutions


Urinary tract infections are the most common disorders a physician must deal with, both in outpatients and hospitalized patients. The data in this cross-sectional study was collected from the records of laboratory and statistical department in Tikrit Teaching Hospital (STH) in Tikrit City in August 2001.16 women suffering from urinary tract infection, who were send to the laboratory in Saddam Teaching Hospital from the outpatients clinic and the wards of the hospital for urine culture and sensitivity during the year 2000 were the sample in this study. This study shows the commonest age group of women presented with urinary tract infection is (20-29) years old in about (37.71%), especially in married women that present in about (65.6%), that caused most commonly by the staphylococcus aureus in about (36%) sensitive especially to Gentamycin