The Palaces of Baghdad in the Abbasid Era 145-656 A.H. / 762-1258 A.D.


In the Abbasid era, Baghdad witnessed an urban expansion due to progress and prosperity, which included all the life facilities, including urban construction, the construction of cities and palaces, the opening of rivers and canals, the establishment of water basins, ponds, parks, picnics and other works. All this made it a prominent center of expansion and organization did not reach the cities that were built before or after.In this study, we discussed three aspects: the first is the art of building Baghdad palaces and its descriptions of decoration and expansion. The second aspect reviewed decoration, adornment, and decorating the palaces and the use of inscriptions and the writing of Arabic and the walls of palaces decorated with stucco prominent and carved with drawings of human, animal, and watercolors. The third aspect included building materials and the use of marble and masonry in all Abbasid buildings. The study ended with the most important results.


Palaces, Abbasid, Baghdad