Impact of the General market index in tourism investment - Iraq case study


In view of the pivotal role that financial markets play in financing and investment, the light has been shed on the extent of the corporation’s impact on the level of tourism investment in Iraq and the relationship between them in order by use market index to motivate those in charge of this investment activity, the strategic models for success in it in what is available to him of the basic ingredients for its success and achieving the pioneering role It has as a tributary sector to the oil sector to achieve the greater goal of diversifying financial resources and getting rid of the monolithic economy, which has become a source of recurrent financial crises.The results of the research showed high-level interlinkages and impact between the financial market index and tourism investment, and the most prominent conclusions reached in light of that - the existence of a strong positive correlation (correlation) between the two variables with a high level of influence (beta) on the three variables adopted for measurement. The most prominent of them was on the market value and then on the trading volume of the approved variable represented by tourism investment, and in light of the above, it was recommended to employ the financial market in light of that relationship and the level of influence to create a tourism sector capable of contributing in the financial and economic diversification.