Cultural determinants of women's work in Iraqi society An anthropological study in the city of Baghdad


Cultural determinants are among the factors affecting the culture of any society because they put some obstacles and obstacles in the way of change and sometimes do not allow for the required transformations that the society needs. These determinants varied with the diversity of different cultures that were associated with a certain stage of society, and at a certain time, one factor may emerge without the other and this - Of course - it is due to the nature of society and the prevailing culture in it. Therefore, these factors have influenced in one way or another the work of women and made them unstable in most cases. Also, this determinants of customs, values and traditions may sometimes have a clear impact on the orientations of members of society, as there are some The work that was accepted in a previous stage for a woman’s work as a teacher, doctor or nurse, because it has a human dimension and direct contact with women and society. As for the current stage, the matter has greatly differed in the multiplicity of businesses and their acceptance from the community as a result of several circumstances that society has gone through, especially the current stage, openness to the world, and the introduction of technology strongly in most aspects of life. In addition to what we mentioned earlier, in spite of this, some businesses still face significant cultural restrictions and limitations that limit the freedom to choose work for women more freely The study reached a set of results, including it was found from the field study that the tribal orientation in the study community has been an influential factor in the work of women due to the community’s adherence to tribal values. The study community’s view of women is still somewhat low, according to the opinion of the respondents - because the society has authority. Masculinity, it is not allowed to give women a role more than it. The study reached a set of recommendations that the Ministry of Culture should adopt everything related to supporting women economically, morally and politically, in a way that guarantees their rights and fairness in society, the need for the Ministry of Youth and Sports to effectively undertake a comprehensive development program for the advancement and support of women in Various aspects of life.


women, culture, work