Assessing the Degree of Danger of The Valleys Of Abu Frash Basin by Depending on Some Hydromorphic Properties


The research includes assessing the degree of danger of the valleys of Abu Frash basin, which is one of the seasonal valleys whose flow begins with the beginning of the rainy season from October to May. The marsh is located in Al-Mansouriya District and administratively connected to Khalis District in Governorate of Diyala. As for the valleies that recharae the marsh are four valleys (Abu Frash, Al-Emelja, Sowayna, and Qarah to) they run from the south of the hills of Hamrin, stretching between the east of Al-Azem District and north of Al-Mansouriya and pour into the marsh which is (9800) Acres. Then the water runs in northern Khalis district at a distance of (18.300 km) pouring in Diyala river. The area of study was about (900 km) and with length (61 km). The research aims to know the role of hydrometric and morphometric properties in determining the degree of danger of the basin, by combining the morphometric and hydrological properties, and giving value to each variable within a certain degree of risk. The research found that the valleys of the marsh are classified within the level of the medium average of risk because most of them travel in a few flat areas; the most dangerous ones are Abu Frash and Sowayna.