Communicating Satire in The Discourses of American and Iraqi Animations: A Contrastive Study of Family Guy and Al-Attag


Treating satire, according to Simpson(2003), as discourse is prominent in this research. Therefore, investigating the components of satirical discourse in the characters' dialogues of animated TV series is to test the applicability of Simpson's model in these series, particularly the Arabic ones. Accordingly, the analysis and comparison of American and Iraqi animations have been conducted after investigating and showing the types of satire employed in their discourses to show the similarities and differences throughout employing satirical discourse in two different cultural TV series. Family Guy and Al-Attagare were chosen because of their popularity in the United States and Iraq, and they deal with the concept of elections. Additionally, both shows are known by their audience to satirize and ridicule political attitudes and figures, and social norms to correct certain shortcomings. After analyzing and comparing the discourses provided by the selected TV shows, it has been found that they deal with similar topics, such as political corruption and exploiting ordinary people in elections campaigns, yet differently