The Evolving Role of Ultrasound in Therapy


This study highlights the role of ultrasound in therapy and to be a step toward of further development. When an ultrasound wave moves through a tissue it will raise the temperature of that tissue. This effect is beneficial in the treatment of some acute and chronic diseases. A special device used in this study. the device is designed to provide ultrasound waves with frequencies of 1 MHz and 3 MHz which are used in therapy. The frequency of ultrasound is inversely proportional to the depth of the tissues which have to be treated, 1 MHz frequency was used to treat deep body structures reaching 5 cm depth, while 3 MHz used to treat superficial structures. The increase in tissue temperature was measured when: First, by fixing the time and gradually increasing intensity and it is noticed that there is an increase in tissue temperature 0.16-3.04 °C for 1 MHz, and 0.3-3 °C for 3 MHz. Secondly, by fixing the intensity and gradually increasing time, also it is shown that there is an increase in tissue temperature of 0.3-3 °C for 1 MHz and 0.24-2.4 °C for 3 MHz. This rise in tissue temperature is due to the absorption of ultrasound energy in tissues and this effect is used in therapy. So, in a limited time larger number of patients can be treated by reducing the period of treatment with increased intensity of the ultrasound.