The impact of strategic foresight capabilities in strategic sovereignty through the mediating role of strategic learning mechanisms An analytical study of the opinions of a sample of the leaders of the Rafidain Bank.


The aim of the research is to diagnose the mediating role of strategic learning mechanisms in the relationship between strategic foresight capabilities and strategic sovereignty, The research problem was represented by the importance of the Rafidain Bank’s management adopting the capabilities of strategic foresight to confront and adapt to environmental changes and to employ the mechanisms of strategic learning to generate new knowledge that enables the bank to achieve sovereignty in the field of banking. The questionnaire was adopted as a main tool for collecting data and information that was distributed to an intentional sample of (62) individuals, managers, heads of departments and people in the bank. The data were processed using a set of descriptive and inferential statistics methods, including (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, relative importance, confirmatory factor analysis, Sobel test). The research reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is “Strategic learning mechanisms play a mediating role in increasing the impact of strategic foresight capabilities on strategic sovereignty. The research recommended the need to develop strategic foresight capabilities and employ strategic learning mechanisms in order to achieve the strategic sovereignty of the bank by expanding the bank's network of branches locally and internationally, in addition to establishing access points for official financial services.