Political Violence in the Republic of Guinea (Causes and Effects)


The phenomenon of political violence in Guinea is an old one practiced by various political and social forces, whether they are in power, in the opposition, or among the political forces themselves which have had its dangers and effects on civil and social peace. The importance of studying the phenomenon of political violence lies in the fact that it affects the lives of individuals and society, on the one hand, the political system on the other hand, and affects their political, economic, and social affairs. The research aims to analyze the phenomenon of political violence and the conditions leading to it after each electoral entitlement, besides revealing the causes and effects of those repercussions on societal peace. In light of this, the study reached many conclusions, the most important of which is the preoccupation of the ruling authority with internal conflicts against its opponents in other ethnic groups and the attempt to continue ruling which was negatively reflected on the Guinean political, security, social reality, the authoritarianism of the ruling elite, its non-acceptance of democracy and alternation of power as a means of governance.