Measuring Possibility the Implementation of European Foundation for Quality Management A case study at the Faculty of Management and Economics / Nawroz University


The management always seeks to distinct its organization from other organizations by various means, especially from the customer's point of view, and The importance of excellence has increased with the intensification of competition and the hasty changes in the environment in which organizations operate, hence models and standards that can be adopted by the organization's management to be distinguished from Others, including the European Excellence Model, EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management ) . Universities are the same as other organizations, as they seek to excel, especially with the increase in the number of private universities in Iraq, and each of them tries to attract students to them in different ways. The idea of the study is basic, which is that organizations that want to achieve Excellence can rely on reliable international models that have been approved by other organizations. The College of Administration and Economics at Nawroz University has not applied the European Foundation For Quality Management, but it adheres to some provisions and criteria for Excellence that fall within this model. From here, the problem of the study revolves around a major question, namely, to what extent the axes of the European Foundation For Quality Management can be applied by the college administration understudy to achieve Excellence. The researchers adopted the case study methodology, and a checklist was prepared with the aim of collecting field data through personal interviews with the management leaders in the college and who are responsible for achieving excellence for the college. As for the statistical tools that were used in the study, they are the percentages and the weighted arithmetic mean. The two researchers reached a set of conclusions, the most prominent of which is that the management leaderships in the College of Administration and Economics have the necessary capabilities to adopt the European Foundation For Quality Management, being one of the universities that seek to attract the largest possible number of students to achieve their profit goals. The researchers recommend the importance of following up with students who have graduated from college in their working lives and trying to find job opportunities for them after graduation.