Monotheism Concept in Islam and Famous Religions


God invaded monotheism and believing in him alone is not a partner to him, but the human being deviated as the Messenger (peace be upon him) says in the hadith that he narrates from the Lord of Glory as a result of the deviation and the distance from the law of truth, human beings have established statutory and pagan religions to replace the heavenly religion. Knowing the Truth and falsehood to refute falsehoods and allegations of those who condemn falsehood, but the last message that descended on humanity is the religion of Islam, has special features: the oneness of God became clear and the idols were broken. A book that falsehood does not bring from his hands or from behind him a download from Hakim Hamid. Religious beliefs can be defined in general as the constants that a person embraces and lives his life according to its principles, regardless of the type of religion that he owes. Nature in many religions. This humble effort clarifies the perspective of some living religions towards God, including the heavenly religion and the positivism, so that we learn about their ideas and beliefs, and to warn of their contractual deviations, so that we distinguish between the true religions from the sick.