Using the Value Stream Map to Achieving Lean Production in Al-Imameen Al-Kadhimiya Hospital/Pediatric Department: Case Study


This research seeks to employ the value stream map to achieve lean production in the service business environment. The Imam Al-Kazimin Hospital (peace be upon him) was chosen as the organization most closely related to the lives of individuals, which contributes to providing better health services to patients. The research problem was the lack of services provided to patients, as the patient is forced to wait for long times to conduct examination and analyzes, as well as the presence of bottlenecks in many stages of service provision due to the large numbers of patients. The importance of the research is highlighted by the importance of the research variables, which dealt with the value stream map in identifying, removing and excluding all activities that do not add value when providing service to patients in the hospital. The research adopted the case study approach through comprehensive, objective and realistic analysis in analyzing the results using a set of quantitative methods (total value addition time, total time not adding value, waiting time, service efficiency). The research has reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is the value stream map is an essential means for adopting the concept of lean production for its ability to identify losses and waste times, as well as identify activities that do not add value and develop appropriate solutions. While the most important recommendations reached by the research is the need to set up a special laboratory for the ward to conduct pathological analyzes of the auditors and prepare all medical supplies and treatment for injured patients.