Prevalence of hypocalcemia among thalassemic patients registered inibn al-balady hospital


The objective of this stud} os to through light on the prevalence of hypocalcaemia in
thalassemoc patients registered in Ibn Ai-balad) Ho~pital (11talassemic Centre) BaghdadIraq
four htmdrcd patientS selected with thalassemitt major were included in the study,
randomly selected throughout October, 200 I. !be} are subjected to serum study for calcmm
phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase. rwenty patients x-rayed for bones only no facilities
fot studying serum ferritin. parathyroid hormone and densometry for bone:.. It v.a.~ found
that hypocalcaemoa is prevalent in eighty seven patients out of 400 and more prevalent
among age group I 0 years and above