Migraine as a common problem in adult age group in Baiji


Migraine is a medical condition, most people who suffer from migrain get headache
thal can be quite severe. Data was collected randomly in Baiji hospital from June
2009 to September 2009 from 100 adult cases suffering from migraine (50 male and
50 femalej.The data was obtained by using questionnaire which contained many
questions concerning the occurrence of headache' It was found that in 55% of male
cases the attack of migraine started at age of 20 years , 26Vo at age of 30 years and
lgYo atage of above 3dyears, while in female, the attack starled at age of 20 years in
i0% of ir.r, lg% at age of 30 years and l2o/o al age of above 30 years' About the
aggravatilg factors of attaclt, in female the menstrual factor is most common cause as
the menstruation is one of the most significant physiological factors that may trigger
migraine, whiie in male, the stress and tension is most common cause of migraine
attick. About the duration of attack, in most common cases the duration is less than
one week in male and flemale. About the self management which is used by these
cases to relieve the headache, it was found that the most common cases in male was
treated by avoiding the aggravating factors while in female treated by medication'