Spectrophotometric Assay ofMetoclopramide in PharmaceuticalPreparations


A sinple and sensitive photometric rnethod for the trace determination of metoclopramide
lras been worked olri .The rnethod is based on the diazotization reaction of the
detet'tnination in acidic medium with the coupled o,-naphthol,to form purplisli violet water
soiubie azo dye that shows maximurn absorption at 549nm with molir absorbtivity of
3.85x104 l.mol-l.cm-l.Bee.'s larv is obeyed over the concentration range 12.5-200pg of
metoclopramide in final volume of 25m1,i.e.0.5-8pprn with the relative enor of -0.2 - +1.3
atrd a relative standard deviation 0.68-2.17%.Morever,the method does not require either