The Theory of Confession in Contemporary Western Political Thought: Axel Honeth and Nancy Freeser As model


At a time when the global community has experienced deep structural and structural crises and functional dysfunctions that have contributed to the growth of various manifestations of conflict and the intensification of identity crises and the increase in social diseases that undermine coexistence and confusing manifestations of coexistence and harmony with the recourse of people of the current age to retirement and shelter and confinement under narrow identities and small bees in a scene that shows the extent of The Social Relations Network agrees to perform its functions، and alienation، anxiety، solidarity، violence، terrorism and security have become features of the modern era. Thinking flags and enlightening voices have appeared in public that provide intellectual concepts from the reality of trade. B Social to facilitate understanding of the phenomena of living crises and provide adequate scientific explanations that contribute to providing transcendental solutions in order to reach man for the good life in the framework of coexistence. These voices include the German philosopher (Axel Honeth) and the American philosopher (Nancy Fraser).