Analysis of the reality of the Career Maturity in educational institutions - Directorate of Nineveh Education Model: An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Workers


The research aims to identify the most important, most consistent and influencing factors Directorate of Nineveh Education in the organizations in question, The research focused on how to diagnose the reality of Career Maturity in educational organizations, the research is based on the hypothesis that: The organizations in question have an appropriate level in Career Maturity, The results of the analysis revealed, that the answers of the individuals, to the sample of the research about, the paragraphs of the questionnaire, the agreement, and with a different, and acceptable percentage, Where the most important of them was that the Nineveh Education Directorate is aware of the importance of the dimensions adopted by the research, and the research recommended that the Nineveh Education Directorate should be interested in promoting awareness of the dimensions of functional maturity that the research adopted for individuals alike and in order to achieve the goal of adopting this concept.