Effect of Inclination of Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Short Columns on the Confinement


The main objective of this paper is to study the confinement of the rectangularreinforced concrete short inclined columns. This paper was based on theoreticalanalysis using the MATLAB program according to Universal Codes, and variablesthat were carefully selected to be the most influential factor. The angle of theinclination (α) was taken as a major variable in the paper, in addition othervariables which in turn affect directly on the behavior of inclined columns such asthe percentage of reinforcing steel in the concrete section of the column (ρ), thecompressive strength of the concrete (fʹc), yield strength of steel bars (fy) andeffective depth ratio (γ). The results show that best ratio of reinforcing steel thatimproves the value of the confinement ranges from 0.4 - 0.6 which leads to anincrease in the confinement of (60 – 100) %, and these rates increase withincreasing α, and the increase in fʹc leads to a significant increase in theconfinement, especially when HSC is used..On the other hand, decreasing fy leadsto increase in confinement, and the value of the γ had a considerable effect on theconfinement that was decreased by about 11% when γ equals 0.9, compared withthe corresponding γ equals 0.6.