Constancy and distribution of attention and its impact on motor response in the performance of the defense skill of diving in volleyball


This research aims at exploring the mental connection between the steadiness of attention and motor response in volleyball players.The hypothesis of the studyis that there is a mental connection between the steadiness of attention and the motor response. The community of the research contains volleyball players from the middle Euphrates: (Al-Qassem, Al-Dagharra, and Al-Hashmia's clubs)and they are 43 players. The research sample has been chosen from (Al-Qassem, and Al-Daghara's clubs) and the number of this sample is 32 players which is equal to (74.4%)of the original sample. The screening method is used because it greatly fits the nature of the research. The research largely depends on many tests such as: the test of the distribution of attention and constancy, stability, the test of motor response and the test of the performance of the skill of defending the field by diving