Corn Oil Performance’s A Bio Cooling Fluid in Electric Distribution Transformer


Biodegradable (Vegetable) fluids are considered as environmentally friendlyfluids and possess an abundant benefit, they are wildly available by means ofrenewable sources compared to different kinds of mineral-oil. Given theoccurrence of environmental pollution and health problems from mineral oils.This paper investigates the effect of utilizing the corn oil for the coolingperforming features of distribution electric transformer, and making a comparisonwith the cooling performance of the electric transformer whith cooling by thecommercial mineral fluid. This investigation is done by using the four- ballmachine and electric transformers. Each experiment that was executed complieswith ASTM D4172-B under different electrical loads (200-1600W). Depending onthe outcomes of the four-ball machine and electric transformer, it has been noticedthat the corn oil has the adequate cooling behavior compared to the commercialcooling fluid. It maintains the insulation housing between the coils, and maintainsthe coils when overloaded at peak time